This project collects the students´ tasks from different educational institutions attending to Seminari TIC in Rubí. 

  • Each school has been working in diferent street names surrounding the school area.
    •  The students have created a blog for Street loading texts, images, videos and audio files captured with Smart phones. 
  • They have also created QR codes of the Blog’s URL and printed them out in paper afterwards.
  • The school of Arts of Rubí has stamped them on methacrylate.
  • The City Hall has now started to stamp the QR codes under the Street name plates so the citizens can acces all the street information (which the students have published) as long as they have an application that recognises this type of codes.
Continuity of the experiment:

  • Whithin the course 2011-2012 we will continue improving the published projects in the primary school seminars. The URL makes it a “betapermanent” course and can be improved every year.
  • We have widened the project to secondary school seminars, where the usage of smartphones rockets.
  • We are planning to add the possibility of accesing the blog in diferente languages  which will allow the activity to be even wider.
It is an experience deeply exportable to most of the centres and allows several modalities of internal use as well as external projection.

We have also realised that this Project has improved families’ IT skills.